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Project Description

We collaborated with LDR to develop a user-friendly website in Bricks Builder that simplifies the rental process for portable toilets. Our primary goal was to create a seamless and efficient online ordering experience tailored to the needs of construction sites, events, and residential projects.

Key Features Implemented

  • Quick 2-Step Online Ordering Process:
    • Step 1: Users select the rental type and enter the delivery zip code.
    • Step 2: Users select the quantity, delivery date, and rental duration, then place their order online.
  • Instant Quote & Online Ordering: Users can obtain instant quotes and place orders within minutes.
  • Responsive Support: Integrated email and phone support for quick assistance.
  • Delivery & Pick-Up Services: Ensured inclusion of delivery and pick-up in every order.
  • Weekly Cleaning Service: Added weekly cleaning with tissue and deodorizer for convenience.
  • Fast Deliveries: Guaranteed fast delivery options to meet urgent needs.

Why LDR Stands Out

  • Nationwide Coverage: We coordinated multiple vendors and managed quotes, invoicing, and communication.
  • 24/7 Support: Ensured clients have support available around the clock.
  • Industry Expertise: Provided tailored solutions specific to various industries.


By creating a streamlined, intuitive, and responsive online platform, we made it significantly easier for clients to order portable toilets for their jobs and events. This project highlights our ability to deliver customized, efficient solutions that enhance our clients’ operational efficiency.

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