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Digital Anchor provides you with assurance your website and marketing works for you. Anchor your business or nonprofit with a reliable Digital Partner.

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Digital Anchor provides Web Design, Hosting, and Marketing services for California businesses and nonprofits.

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Take a look at some of latest projects. Ranging from Web design, SEO, Marketing, or Branding, we have a variety of project styles.

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  1. Discovery

    This is the foundation for a successful website design. It is crucial to understand the needs and goals of the users and the project

  2. Development

    Once the goals and needs are understood, the Development Phase can begin. This is where the website's functionality is built and its structure is created.

  3. Design

    This is where the website's visual appeal is created. This is a crucial step as the design can greatly impact user engagement and overall user experience.

  4. Deliberate

    Now you review the website and it's tested and refined. This is an important step as it allows for any bugs or issues to be identified and addressed before the website is launched.

  5. Deploy

    Once the website has been tested and refined, it is ready for the Deployment Phase. This is where the website is launched on a live server and made available to the public.

  6. Delivery

    The website is finalized and handed over to the client. This is an important step as it marks the end of the web design process and allows the client to take ownership of their new website.

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