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Client Overview:

Nonprofit Professional Services (NPPSS) is a renowned organization providing expert consulting services to nonprofit organizations. The owner, Tom Ligare, approached our web design service in early 2022, seeking a complete redesign of their existing website. Tom wanted a fresh and visually appealing website that would effectively communicate the organization’s mission and services while maintaining a professional and modern aesthetic.

Project Scope:

Our team embarked on a comprehensive brand discovery process to gain a deep understanding of NPPSS’s values, goals, and target audience. Through collaborative discussions with Tom and his team, we identified the need for a benefit-rich and design-forward layout that would capture visitors’ attention without overwhelming them. Additionally, we recognized the importance of structuring NPPSS’s diverse range of services under clearly defined umbrella categories to enhance user experience and simplify navigation.

Design Process:

To achieve the desired outcome, we carefully crafted a visually engaging design that reflected NPPSS’s brand identity. By utilizing a clean and modern aesthetic, we aimed to instill a sense of professionalism and trust in visitors. We incorporated strategic visual elements, such as captivating images and intuitive icons, to create an immersive experience. The redesigned layout prioritized user-friendly navigation, enabling visitors to easily explore the website and access the desired information.

Service Categorization:

Understanding the uniqueness and diversity of NPPSS’s services, we implemented a thoughtful structure to categorize and showcase them effectively. By creating a logical hierarchy, we ensured that visitors could easily navigate between different service areas while gaining a clear understanding of the range and value of offerings. This organized approach simplified the decision-making process for potential clients, enabling them to identify the specific services they required within NPPSS’s larger service umbrella.


The redesigned NPPSS website successfully achieved its objectives of capturing attention, conveying the organization’s mission, and presenting services in a structured manner. The brand discovery process allowed us to align the website design with NPPSS’s values and effectively engage their target audience. The intuitive categorization of services improved user experience, leading to increased visitor engagement and conversion rates. Tom Ligare and his team were delighted with the final result, as the website now serves as a powerful marketing tool that effectively represents the professionalism and expertise of NPPSS.

In conclusion, the Nonprofit Professional Services (NPPSS) website redesign project exemplifies our commitment to creating visually appealing and functional websites. Through a comprehensive brand discovery process, we developed a design-forward layout that effectively communicates NPPSS’s mission. By organizing their diverse range of services into clear umbrella categories, we simplified navigation and enhanced the user experience. The outcome was a visually captivating and user-friendly website that successfully captures attention and effectively conveys NPPSS’s value proposition to potential clients.

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